5 Beautiful Designs Inspired By The Animal Kindgom

The animal world constitutes the richest and most varied forms on the planet, said a French sculptor. The inimitable furniture below is far from alone: Living animals have been inspiring designers for millennia.


Ancient Egyptian furnishings featured stylized carvings of lions, crocodiles, gazelles and cows that served as reminders of the sacred realm, while in 19th-century homes had clawfoot tubs and tables with deer legs. Animal furniture helped show the era’s advancements in science.

Scroll down to see more designs depicting animals in all sorts of inventive ways.

1. Bear Wall Storage

Shaped like a small polar bear, and made of high pressure laminate available in a brushed black or glossy white. This storage holder is great for keys or books!

2. Tiger Couch

Made of high quality fur, this amazing couch was inspired by the Tigers magnificent stripes and beautiful eyes.

3. Heron Throne

Surreal, stylish and slightly off-kilter, this Heron Throne was inspired while gazing upon a lamp in the shape of a heron. 

4. Triceratops Stool

This limited edition Prehistoric Perfection is perfect for imaginary rides through Jurassic Jungles or kicking back with your feet up. It's available to purchase by

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5. Spider Chair

This spider chair is a product of a digitalized fabrication system. In the hope of “transforming the future to the present", this spider chair was created!